MCL course requirements

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MCL course requirements

MCL 201: Communication Leadership Strategies (3 credits)
 The distinction between management and leadership; the role of leaders in society, particularly in communication; communication leadership models.

MCL 202: Communications and Social Responsibility (3 credits)
 The ethics and policy of information management, including the legal and philosophic aspects of the Information Age.

MCL 203: Applied Communication Theory and Research (3 credits)
 What research tells us about how to communicate effectively to employees, employers, and publics outside of the organization; how to use research to gain insight into the organization; practical data analysis.

MCL 204: Innovation and Change in Contemporary Communication (3 credits)
 Innovation as a tool for thoughtful change; communications problem-solving; how the successful leader takes advantage of opportunities to move the organization and its message ahead.

MCL 205: Financial Fundamentals for Communication Leaders (1.5 credits) 
How a communications leader prepares, implements, and maintains a budget; understanding cost controls and income generation; modifying financial needs based on economic change.

MCL 206: Emerging Media Strategies (1.5 credits)
 Leading online and digital staffs into a future of unknown technology and change.

MCL 207: Communication Leadership Capstone (3 credits)
 Application of all course material to a communications problem.

MBA 240: Ethics and Corporate Governance (3 credits)

MBA 254: Leadership and Human Capital Development
 (3 credits)

Suggested Courses

MCL 299: Special Topics (1.5 credits each): A mix of courses offered on a revolving schedule, on topics such as Women and Leadership; Write Like a Leader; Crisis Communication; Organizational Management; The Mentor Gap; Reinvention Strategies; Employee Communications; Leading Diverse Populations; Creativity Seminar; Small Group Dynamics; Preparing Written Reports and Oral Presentations.

BUS 212 Executive Leadership; BUS 298 Creativity in Business; MBA 242 Evaluating Organizational Performance; MBA 251 Creating Customer Value; MPA 215 Changing Environment and Management of Public and Nonprofit Organizations; MKTG 291 Services Marketing; MKTG 275 Sales Management; MGMT 286 Project Management; PADM 282 Comparative Management in a Global Environment

Sample Schedule


Fall Semester (6 CREDITS)
CBPA 3-credit course

Spring Semester (6 CREDITS)
CBPA 3-credit course

Summer semester (6 credits)
CBPA 3-credit course
JMC 1.5 credit course
JMC 1.5 credit course


Fall Semester (6 CREDITS)
CBPA 3-credit course

Spring Semester (6 CREDITS)
JMC 1.5 credit course
JMC 1.5 credit course

Summer Semester (6 credits)
JMC 207 (3 credits)
Elective (3 credits)