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SJMC Majors


Students prepare for careers in advertising agencies, publications, the broadcast media, business and industry, and trade and professional associations.

Non-majors may choose advertising as a minor, which requires the completion of 21 credit hours that may include both management and creative advertising courses. More about advertising major.

Digital Media Production

You’ll develop the skills to use a multimedia palette of video, audio, still photography and text across a variety of platforms, including broadcast video and audio, web, tablets and smart phones. From concept through distribution, you’ll learn every aspect of the digital media production industry. More about the digital media production major.

Magazine Media

The magazine major prepares students to be magazine writers, editors, designers and creative directors.  As part of their coursework, students:

  • Write magazine articles for consumer, trade and organization magazines.
  • Work as staff members for nationally award-winning magazines and Web sites published through the E.T. Meredith Center for Magazine Studies.
  • Produce a business plan and design for a magazine of their own.

More about magazine media major.

News (including Broadcast News)

You’ll learn how to report and tell stories that serve the public good; how to gather news and information accurately, fairly and ethically; and how to produce your stories for distribution across traditional and digital media platforms.

You can be a reporter, editor, or producer. You can work for online news media, a newspaper, radio or TV station, news magazine, or documentary film company. You can do communications for a start-up, nonprofit, corporation, or government agency. More about news major.

Public Relations

Public relations professionals work to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between an organization/client and its many different publics. They work in many different settings, including corporate, small business, government, political campaigns, non-profit organizations, agencies and PR counseling firms.

The range of opportunities for qualified PR professionals is one of the broadest: media relations, special events, fund raising, speech writing, employee relations, investor relations, corporate communications and counseling, strategic planning and crisis communication.

Students exercise the research, planning and communication skills they are developing as they work with “real world” clients in each of their PR classes. More about public relations major

Strategic Political Communication

You will gain the skills to communicate effectively within and through a complex media environment, enabling you to pursue a career in advocacy, political campaigns, government relations, and related fields. More about strategic political communication major

Master of Communication Leadership

Drake University’s Master of Communication Leadership program is a unique program that prepares communications professionals for leadership positions in an ever-changing media and communications environment. It combines the study of communications with coursework in business and public administration to create a broad-based and practical preparation for a challenging future. It is a 36-hour program and is designed for part-time study; it can be completed in two years, including summers. At present, all classes are offered on campus and are not available online. More about Master of Communication Leadership