Academic honesty

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Academic honesty

The Drake School of Journalism and Mass Communication (“SJMC”) is a community of scholars committed to the highest professional and personal standards. Members of this community accept responsibility for honesty and excellence in all of their interactions. Such integrity is the foundation of our academic and professional careers, and of our lives as ethical people.

Cheating, plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty by SJMC students, whether it occurs in class or in extra-curricular activities related to the communications profession, will not be tolerated. Academic dishonesty on the part of any student of another college or school enrolled in an SJMC class will also not be tolerated. Academic dishonesty constitutes grounds for penalties, ranging from failure in an academic exercise to suspension or dismissal from an SJMC class, the School and/or the University.

All SJMC students must read the School’s Honor Code and sign a Pledge to abide by that Code.

Attendance policy

The University policy notes, “Students are expected to attend all classes and to be punctual in doing so. They are also expected to complete all assignments for classes that they miss. The individual instructor may set his or her own specific requirements in reference to each class at the beginning of the term. Faculty members are urged to provide an opportunity for students to make up work missed as a result of legitimate absences, including observances of religious holidays.”

In the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, by faculty action, “It is recommended that journalism faculty include in course syllabi and in comments on the opening days of classes clear statements of attendance policies.

“In such statements, it should be noted that excessive absences, as determined by the instructor, are sufficient cause for reduction of a grade in a class.”

“As a guideline for students and faculty, excessive absences will be defined as more than three unexcused absences in a class which meets three times a week, more than two for a class which meets twice a week, and more than one for a class which meets on a weekly basis.”